Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pequea Valley Farms Yogurt

I have a grocery shopping problem. Since the grocery store is right next to the dental school, I drop by after class as sort of a de-stressing shopping spree.

But something good did come out of this. I picked this Pequea Valley Farms Yogurt out in a hurry while grocery shopping. It was out in the front and although it was a little bit pricy at $5/32 ounces, I picked it up for convenience.

2012-09-26 07.45.15

Am I glad I did… because this stuff is amazing.

It’s so rich and creamy with a different kind of tartness. It has more body than the regular tanginess of plain yogurt. It comes from an Amish dairy farm in Lancaster County just outside Philadelphia.

2012-09-26 07.46.22

I am eating this stuff plain without adding anything and it still tastes amazing.

But about this grocery shopping problem: yesterday I had to force myself not to walk into the grocery store. Sometimes I drop in and walk around for an hour without even buying anything…My favorite section has been the pastries with the croissants, bagels, and challah bread lately.

I also haven’t been running much. I sit at my desk all day and snack all the time (also bad for teeth). Someone told me I’m burning up by using brain fuel but probably not enough for me to eat junk food mindlessly! And we just started keeping food diaries for nutritional analysis in Health Promotions class.

Patient: Yesle.
Diet consists of twizzlers and yogurt, coffee consumed at all hours of the day (including midnight), constant snacking without sit-down meals.
Risk factor: high

Do you eat more when you are studying?


  1. Lol Yesle this is great. Definitely following you so I can keep up on your life! This is a really great idea for a blog!

    1. Thanks Erika! Not as delicious pictures as your blog but... maybe a dental student shouldn't eat so much. (Actually- shouldn't eat so frequently. But I do.)

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