Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rainy day in the life of a dental student

I’m still settling into my dental student routine but here’s a peek into my day. I’m starting to see a routine here. Instead of GTL-ing like on everyone’s favorite show, we have GSE.

Gym, Studying, Eating. 

Gym. I dreamt that my class was canceled due to the rain. Then I woke up, realized it wasn’t and power-walked to the gym just in time for my class. I still can’t run or jump but my ankle didn’t bother me too much- so thankful.

2012-09-04 08.38.05

Studying. I got back and got dressed in groggiest dental student clothes for a study session at Huntsman Hall. Today was orientation for Wharton’s undergraduate freshmen- I didn’t even know Wharton had undergraduate business students! I listened to the welcome speeches and the Glee club’s performances. Oh, and I studied some.


Eating. For lunch, we grabbed grilled cheese with gruyere at Wharton’s new café which just opened this semester. After classes, we braved the rain and the puddles to get to Sweetgreen.


All that brainwork can be tiring. Still not satisfied with our food, we hopped over to McDonald’s (my newest hangout spot) and ran into other dental students. We procrastinated over ice cream because it was pouring outside. People were walking in like they’d hopped into the shower with their clothes on! We didn’t want our precious dental class notes to get soaked. So we hung around some more.

2012-09-04 17.23.00

Studying. We did make it back to the library as promised and studied our dental class materials studiously and quietly. True story.

There’s the saying: if you want to succeed in dental school, you only gotta do three things: Study, study, study. I can’t SSS every day but at least there is an S in my day somewhere. Another day, just have to GSE! Yeahhhh buddy.

What’s your daily routine, Jersey Shore-ified?


  1. It's glad to read the story of dental student :) specially the lunch part when you grabbed grilled cheese it take my mouth full of water :P
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