Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The little things.

(I’m currently at Wharton again studying with Kathy. Writing this post is my mini study break. Also, please head over to Mouthing Off to read my post on first week of dental school!)

Some of the little things that’s been motivating me this week.

- Food. Iron chef D1 Daniel invited us for the most amazing dinner ever. With live cooking commentary and good music in his beautiful apartment. To end the perfect meal, we had the best coffee I’ve had in a long time. I was in food heaven/coma.

2012-09-16 19.56.03

- Dental school inside jokes. Also how adorable is this molar cake Liz & Jessica baked for Jackie’s birthday? Being in the classroom with 120 other D1’s all day every day, we have to be immature and silly sometimes. If you doze off in class, your picture goes on facebook before you even wake up.


- Taylor Swift’s newest song We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together on loop. I first heard this song in Houston and majorly disapproved- this doesn’t sound like TSwift! But… it’s so catchy.

- Philadelphia. When I’m heading back from the library or going grocery shopping, I catch beautiful sceneries like this… This plus our beautiful 60’s weather makes Philadelphia a wonderful place to be a dental student, even if you’re in the basement most of the time. ;)

2012-09-15 08.55.46

Also I’m fascinated that I can include GIF’s in my posts. Finding Nemo is now out in 3D. This movie is so colorful and motivating. Plus it features a dentist!!! The fishes in this scene know a lot more about dentistry than I do at the moment. Study break?


What are your study motivations?
Are you going to watch Finding Nemo in 3D?

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