Saturday, September 15, 2012

The magic dental loupes

Our Dental Simulations professor Dr. Margrit Maggio published a study on use of loupes and its effect on dental students’ training last year. She found that students who used magnification performed better during preclinical training than those who didn’t. And with this finding, dental loupes are now required at University of Pennsylvania. That’s the power of statistics and numbers.

This semester we have a series of Lunch and Learns including Designs for Vision who came last week (with delicious pizza). Since General Restorative Dentistry (GRD) starts in the spring, we are recommended to purchase our loupes by December. Since we’ll most likely continue using these in our practices, this is a long-term investment. Loupes cost around $800- $1500.


This week I finally had a chance to try on the loupes in DentSim. I had the Designs for Vision’s Nike Skylon Ace frame with Through-the-Lense telescopes. Like the first time I used the SEM I was blown-away by the crisp detailed image through the lenses. I could see the fossa and the grooves! I could see where I was actually drilling!

I stood up straighter since I didn’t have to lean in to see the tooth. And I felt more professional with my 2.5x dental loupes. “Look at me! I’m drilling teeth with my fancy glasses on!”

How cute is this Yeoman frame? A D2 friend told me that the frames are also comfortable and sturdy. I’m leaning towards the pale pink.


There are two more vendors coming in to chat with us soon. Plus there are many more vendors out there. So many choices for this clueless student dentist. I think it’s great that we are required to have loupes since we’ll never practice without them. Now I’m just going to go water my money tree…


  1. It's really great that you're being introduced to magnification so early. You won't regret it!

    My thought: get the highest magnification you can tolerate. I started pretty low and found myself wanting more. I use 6.0 loupes with an LED headlamp for everything except when I'm using my operating microscope!

    I really like the blog! Keep up the good work!

    1. Penn recommends you get 2.5x loupes at least while you are a student working in General Restorative Dentistry. Using loupes definitely takes some getting used to because the field of view is of course smaller. I felt almost dizzy (or the opposite?) when I was in DentSim. But I agree- I would appreciate having higher power especially when there are so many details we need to pay attention to.

      Thank you Dr. Mead. This means a lot coming from you. :)

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