Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What happens in the tooth

We had our first lecture for Health Promotions and I loved it. Our professor puts our job into a bigger perspective, bringing in the clinical and community aspect of dentistry. She also talks about how we can prevent the problems that lead to dentist visits. Hint: Brush your teeth twice a day, snack less frequently (Stephan’s Curve), don’t sip on coffee/sugary drinks all day long.


For example, she told us that in Philadelphia, the number one reason kids miss school is due to toothaches. I can’t find the exact link but here’s a similar source on the effect of dental health on students’ school attendances.

She also told us that what happens in the tooth does not stay in the tooth. A sad example is Deamonte Driver whose oral infection moved into his brain, ultimately killing him. There is mixed consensus on whether oral bacteria can cause coronary plaques, but it’s important to recognize that your teeth problems can grow into something much bigger and life-threatening.

Remember: saliva is your friend. Saliva does more than just lubricate your foods- anyone try the saltine challenge?


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