Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why you should skip your classes

This morning I sat in the basement computer lab of our dental school looking at my Google calendar. (D1's never see the sunlight- our lectures are in the same basement classroom.)

Physical therapy session. A visit to the dentist/D3. An interview off-campus. With our classes taking up most of the day, when am I actually going to study?


I'm trying to stay calm about about my next few days leading up to the first Embryology test. I ran into a second-year friend in the library Sunday night. After chatting a bit, I said I am peacin’ out since we have class all day tomorrow. He said "You shouldn't go to class." Well, according to our dental school tuition, one session of lecture costs $4635…

He explained himself. "You can do so much more with that two hour session if you studied by yourself at home." If you aren't going to pay attention and text/fb/skype the entire time, there's a better use for that time elsewhere. Sit at home and do something productive. You shouldn't blindly go to class just because you're supposed to. Skipping is bad. But not always.

And if you really can’t make up your mind, here’s a “Should I skip class today calculator”.

When’s the last time you skipped class?
Do you believe in skipping class?


  1. I was very eager to attend every class when I first started dental school cause that's what I was used to doing from undergrad. Always the overachiever, I didn't even consider skipping an option. But after first semester of dental school, the value of sleep was my overriding concern and skipping was not even a thought after awhile. Skip to sleep. Skip to study. Skip to watch TV. Skip skip skip.

    1. Yep! I go because I need to ask questions & I focus best in the mornings so I go anyway. But for the really dense lectures, it's best to watch on video. :) "Skip to study" hehehe.