Monday, October 29, 2012

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Want more food pictures? Just say so...
In dental life news, we had our Histology lab exam today! We also had our first cadaver anatomy session earlier this week. We do cadavers dissections in the spring over at the med school: here at Penn the dental students get to work with real cadavers which is rare for dental schools.

In the fall, we observe TA's demonstrations to see structures from our lectures on a real body. I thought I would feel sick as our TA pulled the sheets down... but the cadavers looked nothing like real bodies. The smell did take some time to get used to.

Each of your comments will be invaluable. These are anonymous- so you can say stuff like: your writing is hard to understand. Stop posting food pictures. You need to stop taking weird pictures of yourself (Mark). Any constructive comments to make this blog better. Thank you!


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