Monday, October 22, 2012

Chilly mornings for a morning Owl

My air conditioning unit is off which means I can finally open the window. Just this weekend it was much colder- I had to dig out my trench coat. Today Philadelphia has crisp sunny 50’s weather. I love sleeping with the windows open- it is going to happen until it begins snowing.


To add to this cold-weather outfit I wore my Owl earrings in honor of Rice Centennial Weekend. Jules, Apoorv and Enstin sent me the sweetest pictures, messages and drunk phone calls this weekend while they were in Houston. I felt very much loved and missed!

The Centennial SPECTACLE looked amazing (are we actually capitalize to spell it like this?).


I read this New York Times Sunday Routines article on Soledad O’Brien who goes to sleep at 8:30PM and wakes up at 2:15AM on weekdays.

I’m a morning person- but nowhere on her level. With the night getting longer and the mornings a little chillier, it is hard for me to get up on time. And if I miss my initial sleep cycle and wake up a little later, my rhythm feels off for the rest of the day. Yesterday I took coffee to mass… this is totally normal, right?

Does your sleep routine change with the seasons?
What helps you get out of bed on cold mornings?