Saturday, October 13, 2012


Yesterday I sent a “List of Frustrations” to Lo. I wanted to call her up and say, “Meet me at Brochstein Pavilion in two minutes!” but since we’re so far apart, emails had to do. But you know it’s really not the same.

An upperclassman told me that first year is going to be hardest because we need to get used to the dental school routine. Second year is harder class-wise but by this time you’re settled in so that nothing really fazes you. I certainly hope so.

From drinking spoiled milk twice this week (after I’d already mixed up the granola) to finding out my teeth are in dire need of orthodontic intervention… it’s been a tough week. And we had our Osteology Exam for the skull this Friday on top of everything.

About braces- turns out looks aren’t everything. That’s why “contouring” is a word never to be whispered in the orthodontics department.

Highlight of my week was switching tote bags with our transition into fall winter. This hound tooth tote is pretty old but Umma-bear carried it around when she was getting her RM degree- I associate it with delicious treats (with fondant flowers on top) and it makes me smile.

2012-10-08 15.38.01 (2)

This post is rambly probably because my thoughts are rambly. October has been difficult but November will be better. If my life were a movie, the soundtrack for this week would be Sometimes I Don’t Get You. I repeat the chorus to myself when studying for anatomy- am I jinxing myself? Dearest skull, sometimes I don’t get you.


  1. Tomorrow will be better and happier than today!

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