Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hey, it’s OK… D1 edition

I love Glamour Magazine’s “Hey, it’s OK…” section. There’s even a pinterest section for it.


For me, it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish having Fear of Missing Out aka FOMO (and should-ing myself) from what I really want. Sometimes you just want to dance and kiss your lovely friends! And other times you need to be tucked into your bed (fresh out of the dryer) at 10PM on a weekend night.

It’s OK that a “fun weekend” means:

….that you finally went grocery shopping.

….that you made a dent on your reading list.

2012-09-28 22.01.58

… that you spent Saturday evening listening to NPR, eating ice cream in bed.

Maybe my wild undergraduate days are already over (haha). Sometimes after a long day, what I look forward to all day is sleeping. Drinking a hot cup of tea then getting into my comfiest pajamas and falling into snooze mode in my fluffy down comforter.

Do you have ever have “fear-of-missing-out” moments when you think
you should be out… but you just aren’t feeling it?


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