Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pastry Shop at The Restaurant School

I definitely treated myself this weekend.

Starting with Friday evening. Where can you get a pound of cookies for less than $10? Pastry Shop at The Restaurant School on 42nd and Walnut. And that pound is amazing.

After class one day I walked a few blocks to this culinary school to pick up some pastries. I ended up getting a pound of cookies because everything looked so good.

I think these cookies are called Bochi (Internet did not confirm this- does anyone know?) I also got Mexican wedding cookies, peanut butter cookies, powdered sugar cookies and lemon drop cookies. Delicious. And so soft and chewy, which is how I prefer my cookies.


They also have four restaurants inside each with a set meal menu (reasonably priced at ~$20 for a three course meal) and a full bar.

2012-10-05 16.24.39

I shared the huge box with friends who also ooh-ed and aah-ed at the deliciousness. I think I’m having a pastry withdrawal because my mom isn’t here to practice her tarts/cupcakes/fondant skills on me. At least she’s not sending me pictures of all her delicious baked goods. Those were some miserable pies in the LCD-screen-sky.

I haven’t turned on the oven since starting dental school but for now, this Pastry Shop is close enough to keep me happy. My Rice friend who opened up his apartment to me in LA told me he’s gaining weight solely due to the pastry school next to his department. How else will we get through graduate school without little (BIG) treats every once in a while (EVERYDAY)?


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