Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Philly after Hurricane Sandy

I am taking a mini-break from studying to post this update: I am okay! University of Pennsylvania canceled classes Monday and Tuesday so we had some extra time to study for our great metabolism exam this Friday.

2012-10-28 14.34.21

Thankfully, Philadelphia wasn’t hit as hard as Atlantic City or NYC. It rained all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. It was really windy when I went out Monday night- I went out to grab some groceries and the strong wind threw me around. I thought I’d slam into the side of a building before I made it home. It was a little scary.


The trees are starting to look fall-ey. There are colorful leaves all over the ground. When the sky is that right shade of blue, the crisp redness of these colorful leaves pop against the background. It’s so beautiful, so unreal sometimes. The entire Penn campus looks so beautiful this time of year, no wonder Homecoming is held around this time.


Our exams and classes are being switched around due to cancellations, so the next few weeks might be a little hectic. But I am so so thankful that Philadelphia wasn’t hit as hard as those other places. My lights flickered on and off a few times but this was nothing (Rice folks- remember Ike?- everyone dragged out mattresses to our college commons and then everyone quietly awake, waiting for the storm to hit mainland).

I hope everyone’s safe after Hurricane Sandy!


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