Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving without food waste

Here’s something to think about for this Thanksgiving week. You never see restaurants/bakeries serving sandwiches made with loaf-ends. Where do they go?


crusts(Picture from the talk)

Watch the TED talk by Tristram Stuart. I am certainly guilty of wasting food. I let vegetables rot in my fridge and throw them out without eating any of it. I regularly throw out cheese I didn’t securely close or milk I accidentally left out on the counter. It’s part laziness, part carelessness.

This is food that could feed hungry people in our communities and around the world. The issue of obesity versus hunger, choosing nutrients versus calories, overeating versus malnutrition… may not have to be opposing issues.

This Thanksgiving week, I’m reminding myself to not throw out any food, to eat everything I buy and cook. It does take some planning to think about meals and remember which ingredients will spoil sooner. Plus, a little hungry man’s coming into town. I think that’ll help.

I am also amazed at how one photograph deliver a powerful message. On a related food-note, good-bye, twinkies. Good-bye to fried twinkies at Texas fairs.


  1. Good job on not throwing away the peas you didn't finish today

    1. :) Thanks for reminding me. I had to check myself. I ate them for dinner when I wasn't sick of them anymore.

  2. and this is the last time I bring you food since you refuse it all

    1. Nooooo. I ate everything. (Except the crackers since you ate them all)


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