Friday, October 5, 2012

Study comfortably. Study sweet.

I went to what is possibly my second-to-last physical therapy session this evening. Although running back and forth therapy/clinic has been crazy (scheduling is near impossible with my dental school schedule), I am glad I’m getting better. I told my therapist that I went hiking this weekend. She asked, “and you were fine the day after?” She reminded me that two weeks after my second injury I couldn’t walk ten blocks to Center City without my ankle hurting for three days after.

I really hope this is my last ankle injury- ever. Ankle brace and I, we are never ever getting back together.

I decided to study at home tonight instead of going out to the library so I could wear this:


Ain’t no party like a “Studying Histology in a Onesie” party.

It’s important to be comfy… and silly when I’m studying. You can’t feel too miserable when you’re wearing a sock money onesie.

I have been craving sweets! Like sweet potato pie with the fall starting. If I were in Houston I could hop in my car and pick up some pastries at a drive-through (and not have anyone see that my sweater actually goes down to my feet). But in Philadelphia coffee shops have no drive-through’s- I just noticed that! It was an epiphany moment, as big as when I realized there are no homeless people in Disneyworld.

What do you wear when you’re studying?
Do you go for comfy or put-together (therefore maybe more awake)?