Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Unhealthy dental student

I am on the road to becoming a couch potato-dentist. 

1. No exercise. I woke up late this morning because it was freezing last night. I kept burrowing into my bed and woke up freezing. I slept through Spinning and woke up at a lazy 8:20AM. Good thing I’m a student…

Instead I finally tried out the braided headband with the extra hour. The trick is to keep pulling the braid up as you’re braiding. It’s the only way the braid doesn’t make strange loops on your hair when you pin it over to the other side.


2. Poor diet. Over lunch I picked up more figs from the fruit stand which were amazing as usual. I think I may have converted a few people into fig fanatics (“What is that?”).

I ate about half of the pint before I had a chance to wash them. Then I had an awful stomachache sitting through biochemistry and my mouth felt really cotton-y. Okay, must wash fruits before eating.

2012-10-01 12.01.58

We are keeping a food diet for Health Promotions and I’ve noticed my diet is all sorts of wack. People usually moderate what they eat when they are keeping a food diet but… not me. Every day is a variation of yogurt+granola, fruits, English muffin and soup. No vegetables, not much protein. Add in constant coffee/tea and snacking until wee hours of the night.

I think my poor diet is a big reason why I am constantly tired- and need caffeine as a boost.

2012-10-02 23.08.00 (2)

I’m actually writing this over pizza I impulsively bought on my way home (I have a grocery store shopping problem)… Pizza at midnight- I thought this chapter of my life ended with The Hoot.

3. Aching shoulders.

I’ve adopted the 80/20 rule for packing and ditched many of the items I didn’t use regularly. Both my laptop and my phone died in the middle of the day today and I properly panicked out. I don’t always need my chargers or my netbook, but when I need them I need them! At the end of the day my shoulders and my back ache. It’s like I’m in high school all over again.

How do you keep a healthy lifestyle in graduate school?
What is your healthy go-to recipe?


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