Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wissahickon Creek day trip

A fellow Penn classmate Kelby and I took a mini day trip out to Wissahickon Creek this weekend. We were talking about how wonderful it is to be outdoors, to get away from the city once in a while. Then we said why don’t we just take a day hike?

So we did. Out to Wissahickon Creek.

I caught up on my Katherine Larson poems from Alex, sipped on pumpkin chai tea, and people-watched on the SEPTA. I was a little too into my reading because we missed our stop by about a mile.

2012-09-29 08.59.56

We walked back past the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall to the regional rail station. Another trip on its own but we were determined to HIKE!

2012-09-29 09.17.12

We took the train out to Chestnut Hill. At the Friends of Wissahickon Visitor Center, Alex (who is the most enthusiastic trail guide I’ve met) gave us a quick orientation/hike introduction. We bought our hiking map and we were off! Into this beautiful green escape from the city.

2012-09-29 14.02.18

We walked up north by the fields then made our way down south on the Forbidden Drive. There were many people with bikes, kids, and dogs. This would be a wonderful place to jog when the weather is nice.

2012-09-29 14.20.56

There was a wedding today at the Green Valley Inn so we snacked on our reservoir of pretzels/ oranges/ granola bars/ nuts for a late lunch. We made our last two mile loop south back to the railroad station.

2012-09-29 15.11.28

On our way back we didn’t have enough cash for the train fare. Since we boarded on a closer train station we thought the fare was cheaper. We got kicked off the train at a random stop halfway home. Since we didn’t want to walk six miles, we walked around this unfamiliar town to 1) find an ATM and 2) eat dinner until the next train came along an hour later.

We walked into the most popular Burger King in Philadelphia because getting the food took 30 minutes.

Ten miles, eight hours (half of which were spent waiting… for buses/trains/food) later, legs exhausted but so happily spent- home.

How to get to Wissahickon from University City:

Take the Bus 21 or 42 to 17 and Chestnut ($2 or a prepaid token at $1.55). Walk up two blocks to JFK Boulevard on 17th for the Regional Train Station. Take the Chestnut Hill West train ($4 cash only). When you get off at the station, walk west on Germantown Ave. until you reach 8708 Germantown Avenue for the Friends of Wissahickon Visitor Center. Maps are $6.

Takes about an hour. But the trains come only once an hour so plan accordingly.

Tips on hiking at Wissahickon Creek:

Bring a compass! Today was overcast so we couldn’t rely on shadows for directions. My pedometer/compass was a little sticky but without it we would have been ridiculously lost.

You can choose long, easy trail routes. K and I walked about ten miles over four hours. Again my pedometer/compass let us down by resetting before I could look at our mileage but these were easy ten miles, minimal uphill, well-paved roads.

Such a lovely break from school and my one-mile radius in University City. I love being out in nature and marveling at its beauty. We even spent a good 30 minutes digging up trees and being little playground kids.

Happy Trails!

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