Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Calm before the storm

This is it. The last four weeks before winter break. We currently have seven ongoing classes and after this week (first week in a long time without exams!), will have an exam parade with five exams over three weeks. Gulp. These little happy reminders keep me going. Just get to your happy place.

I especially love this quote from my Philadelphia marathon goodie bag because it gives me a sense of control that I can turn this day around.

run run

Yesterday I received some discouraging news. The person delivering the news said: “This won’t make you happy, but your socks will.” I was wearing some ridiculous Korean pink-and-blue socks. I was still pretty bummed. And I think I’ll focus on school for a while.

2012-11-27 08.29.25

Over Thanksgiving, Mark kept saying “it feels so good to get out of Ithaca!”. I think he said it every morning afternoon when he woke up. He loves college and classes and his fraternity but I see how a break (or a breakout) could feel so invigorating. Sunshine in Arizona over winter break will do me a lot of good… including give me a little color. I miss the tan, happy lifeguard Yesle. I also miss the little things like drive-through coffee shops.

What are you looking forward to for winter break?
What’s on your to-do list for winter break?
(Mine’s to learn how to blow-dry my hair Smile)


  1. Yesle I think it might be genetically impossible for you to get tan, but I noticed your socks yesterday too and they made me happy

    1. I must show you pics of me from sr year when I was teaching lifeguard classes at our outdoor pool! I am glad I am spreading joy with my socks. ^^