Sunday, November 18, 2012

Care package goodies from Korea

I got home from a study parade one night to find a huge box at my doorstep. Umma sent me a box full of cute stationery and snacks from Korea. I could barely carry it up the stairs… not that I minded!


I asked for specific Korean stationeries like 0.3mm pens and highlighters. I didn’t get the cutesy-character ones but Korean pens are the best. Even the cheap ones write so smooth & have the best grip. Also, Morning Glory erasers: try them. You’ll never go back to anything else. (I wrote about cutesy Korean stationery and staying organized also a few months back.)

Umma included a bunch of Korean snacks including traditional Korean han-gwa’s. These are delicious honey-coated grain snacks that are sticky. I sneaked in a few before my appointment to put on braces.

2012-11-06 12.27.34

It was such a great pick-up in the middle of a long semester. I felt a little homesick for Korea, but this motivated me to really push myself until summer when I can be home with family in busy/hip/beautiful Seoul. Thank you Umma-bear! Loved everything.

Thanksgiving is so soon! So so so soon. A small resting stop here.

Because Umma included a bag of amazing coffee, everything from my package smells like coffee. I just put on a scarf from the package and… smells like Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans (I’m joking- I can’t tell them apart). This makes me smile.

What are your favorite care package goodies?
What have you been study-snacking on this week?


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