Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dr. Bergey of Bergey’s Manual: Penn professor

We just started two new classes: microbiology and radiology. Microbiology is taught without lab, which in my opinion makes it tougher. BIOC 318 at Rice was no walk in the park but I learned so much! A lot of things about diagnostic testing I remembered running. Like seeing the bubbles after dropping hydrogen peroxide for catalase testing. And flipping through Bergey’s Manual: the bible of bacterial identification.

Photo from my senior year:
(frown probably because I spent five hours in a smelly bacteria lab)

fri 012

Dr. Bergey- of Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology- taught at University of Pennsylvania! With this marvelous fact we saw photos of University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine throughout the years. I love that our school is so historic. I feel personally connected to these scientists and factoids we’re studying. These giants studied here, at this place where I’m studying now.

We have a big arteries/vessels/lymphatic system exam on Friday. Snacking and studying marathon in session. Um, what happened to everything we learned in Health Promotions?2012-11-06 17.58.21