Thursday, November 22, 2012

Food truck Philadelphia: NY Gyro

First Wednesday of Thanksgiving break & I headed out of the apartment early for morning meetings. I ran around to check off my errands in between. Note to self: you will never feel overdressed at Wharton- everyone looks so gorgeous and professional, even on the day before Thanksgiving.


For lunch, I finally had my first Philadelphia food truck experience. Jackie and I grabbed lamb lunches at the New York Gyro Truck on Walnut. We waited in line for twenty minutes before finally ordering our foods. Totally worth it.


I hopped off my vegetarian bus for my first halal meat meal. For $5 I got a huge lamb salad with So. Much. Meat. Some of the other dishes are grilled in the truck in front of you, but lamb wasn’t. Once we put in our order, we were in and out in five minutes. We found a sunny bench to sit on.

I was in heaven. The hot sauce was perhaps too hot for me to handle- I was sniffling and grabbing napkins every bite- but the lamb was soft and chewy. I love the texture of lamb. I also had a ton of leftovers, enough to feed a hungry traveler dinner and a very late linner.

I need to check out the many food trucks down on Spruce sometime. Dental school’s on the west periphery of Penn campus so I rarely venture in that direction.

Food picture! I love this, of Maurice Chevalier and Audrey Hepburn from NY Mag.


Do you like spicy foods?
Have you ever eaten from a food truck?