Sunday, November 4, 2012

Meal planning for vegetarians

I am making the switch to being a vegetarian.

Planning vegetarian meals is much tougher. With meat, I can fill up a plate with a quarter protein (broil up chicken or use leftovers from dinner), a quarter grains, and half vegetables. But without the meat (which is often provides the hot/salty/sweet flavor of the meal), my meals just taste bland.

My go-to meal the last few weeks has been this:

2012-09-30 13.16.32

gochujang (Korean hot chili sauce), lettuce, a fried egg and mashed up avocados with rice.

It is delicious, filling, and perhaps most importantly, so easy to whip up. But I need some variety. While looking up vegetarian meal menus I found this article on I’m sorry but “pan-fried pieces of tofu, raisins” for dinner just sounds sad.

Here’s a better alternative. Look up vegetarian restaurants and click through their menus. This will give you tons of ideas for your next vegetarian meal. Veggie Heaven in Austin is somewhere I’ve been meaning to go for a long time! I was in Austin for a journalism conference and got a free T-shirt from here. Some gems from the menu:

#25 Tropical Rain forest with fried tofu


#37 Eggplant Tofu. Eggplant is the best thing in the world. I love its slippery texture- oh and also okra!


And Steam Buns with mushrooms inside.


Since I can’t get to Austin from here, I’m adding broccoli, eggplant and firm tofu to my grocery list. Mock Veggie Heaven meals in my own kitchen… because I’m really sick of salads.

Have you made a change to your diet lately?
What are your favorite vegetarian recipes?

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