Sunday, November 4, 2012


Walking home with a friend we talked about spinal decay. It starts at 20. We’re all degenerating bodies, sitting in squeaky chairs, learning about collagen and SALFOPSM and the importance of fluoridation. Another week in dental school getting older in B13.

I told her I hadn’t been working out as much since starting dental school. How frustrating it’s been, since besides that I’m not exercising enough, gym is where I de-stress.

“For me it’s nonnegotiable”, she explained. “It’s like eating or breathing. If I don’t do it, I’ll die.” I laughed out loud but this lingered with me as I walked home. To squeeze in gym with our busy dental school schedule, YH goes to the gym- often at 6AM- before class every day.

Nonnegotiable is the key word.

Dental school does not mean you get to put your life on pause. You’re not magically going to transform into the person you dream of being upon graduation. This is the journey. Graduate school routines build your life habits.

This weekend I read this article by Miguel Ortiz of Harvard SDM. It is titled “Is dental school the right time to start a family?” and published in the last ASDA newsletter (the answer is yes). I loved this line at the end, where he put what I’ve been building up to, in perfect words.

2012-11-03 16.28.43

Life is right now. What’s nonnegotiable in your life?