Friday, November 2, 2012

October’s thank-you

I have a major thank-you for October: I can now run a mile!

Although I had to give up my spot in the upcoming 8k, I can complete a mile without feeling like needles are poking at my ankle. The physical therapy bill was not pretty but… I think I learned my lesson. Plus I know what to do next time it happens if someone else hurts his ankle.

So I am grateful. I’m going to start slowly building up my mileage again. But not too fast- slow and steady wins the race. Literally!

And about Halloween, the last day of October: our dental class dressed up to class on Wednesday. I was an artist. Or a Frenchman. Or an artiste? I don’t really know.


At Penn president Amy Gutmann’s annual Halloween party I spied a Binder Full of Women. He kept opening up his binder to show people the list of women inside. Genius.

2012-10-31 18.35.55

And Oh. My. God. So much candy. Carbohydrates are: B) not essential nutrients. And yet…

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