Friday, November 23, 2012

Rothman 8k thoughts.

Katherine, Rachel and I went out to cheer for our Penn D1’s aka the “Penn Dental Running Club” team at last week’s Rothman Institute 8k. There were elite runners who ran <25 min 8k’s. Even at the finish line they looked so beautiful, gliding with long legs swishing past. I think some people even ran this 8k as a warm-up to next day’s Philadelphia marathon

2012-11-17 07.30.28

Later that night I was volunteering at one of the charity partners for the Philadelphia Marathon. We hosted a pre-race carb-loading dinner for the runners and I spoke with three guys who all had different foreign accents. I didn’t realize how many runners were from out of town or even out of the country.


Photo from Katie F- Penn dental runners and supporters before the start! Don’t you love our matching shirts? Jackie designed them and we made them over dinner the night before. Katherine and I are holding up our signs on the ends.


It was so inspirational to watch these runners! The beautiful Philadelphia museum & downtown backdrop didn’t hurt either. I’ve started to up my mileage- I ran to the river this weekend and my ankle(s) felt perfectly fine. Thank you new shoes? Twelve months to go until next year’s 8k! This time I won’t sign up for a race six months in advance…

When’s your favorite time to run?
Are you planning to run a race soon? I really want to do a color run!


  1. I like running in the middle of the day actually. I used to run at noon back in Alabama during the summer, but a few times I almost died of heat stroke.

    1. In the winter, I hate running and not sweating! It makes me feel like I am not working hard enough. ;) amount of sweat correlates to how good I feel about my workout.