Sunday, November 11, 2012

“Today was a good day.”

I love Glee, and I love Dianna Agron. She runs this great website which showcases beautiful art called You, Me, and Charlie. I need to share this interview with Dianna Agron (reminded me of my end-of-the-year birthday party this summer)- Read more at Women's Health.

My goal has always been not to look forward to the next thing, but to relish and celebrate the successes I have at the moment. Whether it's landing a part in a student film or having a good day in acting class, I never discredit anything.

I believe in rewarding yourself too. With every job I've gotten, I've bought myself something. When Glee was picked up, I rented a piano for the year. For smaller victories, I'll go to dinner with a friend, or go for a walk and think about it all. It's important to say to yourself, Today was a good day.

I love this.

I finished my bikram class without fainting. I was having a really tough time, probably because of this week’s junk food marathon. And I powered through a tough lecture on the immune system on a Sunday afternoon. I also stayed off facebook for 48 hours!

I picked up coffee and a muffin from the Metropolitan Bakery and took a moment outside in beautiful 70’s weather.


I need to remind myself to be proud of my little successes. Dental school may be hard, and it’s easy to be let down. But I’m here, and I’m getting there.

(Do you like my smiley manicure?)
What small success are you celebrating today?


  1. update your blog!

    1. Just got back from an exam review & dance prac! Be patient young kitten.

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