Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One month update on my braces

I’ve had braces for a month now.

I’ve tried to master smiling without my teeth (using just my risorius) but I’ve given up. I look evil (see below) or like I’m trying to chomp down on my last bite of food before the picture’s being taken. Here’s some photos of me smiling with braces. The first thing Mark said when he saw me was: “It’s not that bad.”


Having braces does make me self conscious. 1) Because I am a grown-up with braces and 2) Because smiling is so darn difficult. The brackets get caught up in my lip when I’m trying to smile so I have to consciously move my lip above the brackets using different facial muscles when I’m trying to smile… if you’ve had braces, you probably get what I mean.

Food also gets caught in the brackets and the wires (the importance of buccinators is lost on me) especially when I eat smushy pastries. Pastries and breads are my favorite, so this is sad. It’s a good thing I’m in dental school because people understand the importance of a perfect bite… and why you’re moving your mouth around in class trying to get all the food bits.

And then there’s my weird food habits because of braces. I eat my apples with a spoon and cut into my pizza with a fork and a knife. It takes me about thirty minutes to floss every day and I flop into bed most nights without even trying. Sometimes the wire gets caught in my cheek and I have to make a puffy squirrel face to pull the skin off.


I have my next appointment this week. I can’t wait to see how much my teeth have moved. Helen initially told me I’d have my braces on for two years, but I have my fingers crossed that my teeth will move faster. I can feel them move when I push them with my tongue, and some teeth hurt much more than others- which means they are moving!

How long did you have braces?
What was your least favorite thing about having braces?


  1. How come the brackets are so cumbersome (getting caught on your cheek)? Are the edges sharp?

    P.S. That squirrel looks delicious. All plump and meaty--ready for the stove. :q

    1. Well the ends stick out behind my molars. Usually I don't feel it unless I make a certain face and my cheek gets caught! It feels like a minor pinch.

      And about the squirrels...they are really getting fat! I look at them and think, "hey I gotta hibernate too. Nom nom."

    2. Also what is the :q face? Is it you bringing a plate to your face?

    3. The :q or :9 face is an expression that depicts the licking of the upper lip, like showing interest when you see something delicious.

  2. Don't worry, be happy my favorite daughter

    1. OOooohooohoooohoohoooooohoo
      Don't worry
      Be happy