Monday, December 3, 2012

Celebrating Diwali at Penn

I like that we have a huge culturally diverse undergraduate & graduate population at Penn. Last Saturday Penn dental hosted a Diwali celebration. Our own dance club Brown Sugar also danced- in the last act. I miss dancing (salsa and at other unorganized rowdy atmospheres) so I signed up. I was put in hip-hop with a few other girls in my D1 class.

The week following up to this performance, we had practice every day for a couple of hours. I was getting antsy with our crazy exam schedule, but it was so worth it- this show turned out amazing.


Diwali, or Festival of Lights, is one of the biggest holidays celebrated in India. Someone told me that it’s like Indian Christmas. Diwali also begins the Indian new year. Almost everyone dressed up in Indian garb (or borrowed them from their Indian friends) for this night of amazing food, unbelievable dancing and even singing.

Our dance went great! I also had a lot of fun watching the other performances and trying different foods. Lovely friends brought me flowers which are sitting pretty in my living room right now.

2012-11-30 22.57.27

Oh, and because dental school was hosting the event, we got toothbrush + toothpaste goodies. I laughed.


Biochemistry is coming up this Friday. This is our final which counts for a whopping 40% of our grade. A little scared…


  1. Yesle you look GORGEOUS! Love the long hair and rosy glow.

    1. Awww thank you! I literally ran in with the flowers and took that picture. And yes, my hair's the longest it's been ever.