Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas time in Tucson.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I’ve spent a wonderful Christmas in Tucson with Laura and her family. Eating delicious sit-down meals (remember how I complained about this?), leftovers in the kitchen, and a fully stocked pantry and fridge to tempt me at all times. So relaxing.


And Tucson is gorgeous. In mid-50’s and the sun on full-blast. I absolutely need my sunglasses and sunscreen in this part of the country. I forget how much the cloudy Philly weather affects me. When the sun comes out on those rare occasions in Philadelphia, I cheer up exponentially.

I went out for a run one morning around the neighborhood. Look at this beautiful scenery. This is the view just outside Lo’s parent’s house.

2012-12-24 08.38.27

Another morning we went hiking out to the Honey Bee Canyon Park and saw these petroglyphs. Tucson has a ton of these easy nature hike trails. And this time of the year is perfect for these leisurely strolls.

2012-12-24 10.58.56

Suburbia life is way too attractive. Driving around everywhere, big parking spaces and malls. I don’t have to worry about buying too many things to carry on the bus.

I’ve been spending the rest of my time relaxing around the house and eating a ton of delicious food. Sitting on the couch, munching on grapes and watching movies is just so wonderful. Spending the holidays at (a) home with family and friends is just what I needed after this stressful semester.

…. and did I tell you we have class on January 2nd?

2012-12-25 10.56.48

How’s the weather where you are? Any white Christmases?
Have you spent any time outdoors this winter break?


  1. Yesle, Cooool!!
    You must be very happy with a nice weather like Fullerton, CA and Tampa, FL where you lived.
    Say thank you to your wonderful Friend Laura and her parents.

    1. Thanks dad-o. I think we just followed Mickey around. Hope you're not too cold back home! <3

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