Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day trip to New York City

America voted for its president a few weeks ago. It so happens that the Korean Presidential Election (which happens every five years) is also taking place this year. This is the first year that Korean citizens can vote from abroad!

So Janet and I planned a day trip to NYC.

I took the 7AM bus from Philadelphia to NYC and was in Manhattan by 9AM.

2012-12-08 09.25.05

The consulate ran a shuttle to/from Manhattan & the entire voting process was so organized. I voted and was out in five minutes. I headed over to Bryant Park to watch the ice skaters, look over the Holiday Shops, and to try out Max Brenner’s Italian thick chocolate. I did not think hot chocolate could taste like that… so thick and rich. I need to head over to Rittenhouse Square soon.

2012-12-08 09.46.34

There was a special Lion King exhibit “Inside Lion King” next to the park- they had costumes from the show with guides explaining how the costumes were conceptualized and designed. We watched this over Christmas in Tampa one year and I was blown away. My mom bought the soundtrack right after the show and this CD was on constant reply in the car for months.

2012-12-08 10.13.35

And lunch at Extra Virgin with Joanna (she writes at Scraps to Scrumptious with other Rice friends) before hopping over to the Union Square Holiday Market. It was so crowded at the market. I bought a huge bag of apples and lugged them around the city before bringing them back to Philly.


Janet and I decided to walk across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. It was a gorgeous walk with foggy buildings behind us.

We ate at Grimaldi’s then came back to Manhattan to walk down Fifth Avenue with the gorgeous Christmas decorations and the huge Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Again- so so so crowded. It took us ten minutes to walk across one particular block- I think Lord & Taylor?- because everyone was staring at their beautiful window displays.

2012-12-08 11.21.46

NYC was wonderful. I’m starting to get in the holiday spirit! It was a short trip but we ran around the city among the super crowded streets to see, do, and eat. We already have our next trip to NYC planned out with things we didn’t get to do this time.

Dental school is so busy but since this trip was necessary (and planned out in advance) I spared a weekend getaway. And I remember that one of my reasons for choosing Penn dental was so I could live in the Northeast. So many cities are reachable by train and buses from Philadelphia!

Now for microbiology…


  1. Replies
    1. I know- I'm so glad you came with me! <3 I would have been so lost and wandering off somewhere in the foggy cold.

  2. we are so proud of YOu as a KOREAN

    1. It was a wonderful moment for me as a Korean citizen too.

  3. NYC looks like a lot of fun! I love Lion King too! Definitely my favorite musical.

    1. It was! I am tempted to go watch Lion King again!