Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gifts for the pre-dental/dental student in your life

I told you I like to make wish lists when a holiday comes around. This year, I got an early Christmas present (this was Sharon’s idea)- running shoes, my Nike Women’s Marathon registration fee, and possibly a Garmin GPS watch (suggestions? ideas?).

Still, I have a few items on my Christmas wish list. These are some very practical ones in case you are trying to figure out what to get your favorite pre-dental or dental student.


1. Gift certificates to grocery stores, coffee shops, iTunes. (Picture 1, 2, )
We need to eat, drink caffeine, and listen to music anyway. You can’t go wrong with gift certificates. My thoughtful friend MJ sent me a Barnes and Noble gift card when I just started dental school- perfect for laying in bed on lazy afternoons and having a reading marathon.

2. Nerdy jewelry
I’m not sure how anatomically accurate these molars earrings are, but they are cute! And these caffeine molecule necklaces? Your dental student can add a little sparkle on days when she’s lounging around in…

3. School spirit sweatshirts
There are tons of cute sweatshirts (cozy and comfortable) at the Penn bookstore but most of them are ridiculously expensive. Perfect for wearing to bed, throwing on over PJ’s on exam days (what? I never), or showing your school spirit.

4. Magazine subscriptions* (that’s a wink- momdadmark?)
I pick up a magazine every now and then at the grocery store… but three of those impulsive buys could probably pay for an entire year’s subscription. My Komo bought me Positive Thinking every year I was in college- I used to steal these magazines from her whenever I visited! I loved getting them in the mail every month and thought of her. Everyone has time to squeeze in a little magazine reading, so find one for his/her interests- extra points if you get one for his/her new year’s resolution (Runner’s World, Glamour).

5. School supplies (Picture source)
Some people might hate getting school supplies but I love them. Get them something silly and outrageous (ha- we’re talking about school supplies…) they would never get for themselves, like twirly-colored pens or polka-dot paper clips. Or something really nice now that they’re transitioning into professional life, like an expensive pen or a beautiful letter opener.

What’s on your wish list?
What are you getting for the special ones in your life?


  1. thanks for sharing

  2. The Perth dental clinic where I had my first metal braces is still one of the amazing dental clinics. I will follow your suggestion about giving our dentist some nerdy accessory like that molar earrings. I think she will really love it.

    1. Who doesn't love nerdy/cute/conversation-starting earrings? ;)

  3. I think my friend will be happy to receive accessories as a gift so those tooth earrings will be a good gift for her. How much is it?

  4. I am thinking of giving my dentist a nerdy jewelry as a token for taking good care of my teeth and for putting my mental braces. I’m sure she’ll like it!

  5. Those teeth earrings - I didn't know they were real. I just saw one while I was video-chatting with my best friend. I wasn't even sure they were teeth. Oh well, I should give our dentist friend a pair of those!

  6. That for sure is what you call perks of being or becoming a dentist. How I wish I could be one not just to receive any gifts but, to pursue a career in the field of dentistry.

    1. I know! It is a wonderful opportunity and I'm grateful for every minute of it. Plus I get to be a little teeth-nerdy.

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