Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy gym sessions

I wrote about motivating yourself & your patients to make life changes. I think we may be finally in the Action stage of Prochaska’s Stages of Change… despite some misleading posts lately. ;)

I have been on an accidental gym marathon session thanks to Markus. My Zune died on my way to the gym but I saw that Mark had downloaded onto the iPad:

1) The Amazing Spider-Man
2) Taylor Swift's entire Speak Now tour

2012-12-03 19.29.44

Three days straight I went to the elliptical to watch Spider-Man. I was looking forward to getting to the gym all day so I could see what was going to happen next. This also means I wore workout clothes to school but… I can’t really catch two rabbits in this crowded forest.

Time passes by so much quicker when you’re watching movies- and I was having so much fun. It was a study break and a workout rolled into one. Of course, after my gym sessions I snack on things like these:

2012-12-06 16.57.16

Our dental school class council had prepared these snack packets for when we needed energy desperately. Sometimes I think: “I worked out at the gym. I can eat whatever I want! All your Sour Patches are belong to us” which… I think defeats the whole purpose of exercise.

And studying makes me ravenous. I go crazy with midnight snacks as soon as I get home from the library. It is scientifically proven that studying makes you hungry although you don’t burn any more calories than normal.

Must remember that I just signed up for a half marathon with Tiffany’s necklaces at the finish line. They only give them to people who finish the 13.1 miles…

What motivates you to exercise?
Do you treat yourself after workouts?