Monday, December 17, 2012

Just looking at my own dental x-rays…

(All right, technically we don’t look at “X-rays”- we look at the radiographs. We are also learning how to talk like a radiologist in dental school, especially with all those worries about X-ray exposure in the dental office.)

We just had our first Physiology exam so I am taking a mini-break by looking at my own dental X-rays. It’s kind of like studying for our upcoming (and last for this semester) Radiology exam. Look at this:

- What is going on with the root on my maxillary premolar? (It’s the second from the right.) It’s having its own disco dance party all twisty twasty.

kim yesle

- Mamelons! On a fully grown-up adult. These are the three rounded bits on the edge of your central incisor that wear away with use. This means I don’t use my central incisor much, probably due to my open bite. This should change with my braces.

kim yesle

I’m also looking up “Before and after braces photos” on this evening break. It’s unbelievable how much braces can improve a person’s smile.

Also on the subject of X-rays: dentists can diagnose osteoporosis by looking at dental radiographs! And teeth after braces look different on radiographs than un-braced teeth. I think it’s something about alveolar bone angles… Yeah, there’s still a lot for me to learn.


  1. Yesle!! I love your blog. You can study my teeth any day, if youd like, haha. I have had multiple dentists tell me I should get braces and surgery. Merrhhhh. Sounds like you are learning so much!

    1. I think they try to catch things while you're young so there's no problems down the road. Yes, my brain is overloaded. Winter break = relaxing time. Your posts are so interesting! I get so excited whenever you post.

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