Friday, December 14, 2012

Leisurely breakfasts in dental school

Although this isn’t a foodie blog, my posts featuring food seem to be really popular. So here we go about my favorite meal of the day: breakfast!

Last year I read this article about the decline of sit-down breakfasts in favor of grab-n-go's in D.C. This made me sad because breakfast is my absolute favorite meal of the day- and yet, I never have sit-down breakfasts anymore. Dental school mornings can be so crazy.

At Haslla Art World this summer, I got into the habit of having breakfast meals. I’d come into work and eat breakfast while setting up that day’s projects. Because lunch and dinner times were so hectic, breakfast was a meal I tried to enjoy.


During my usual coffee + grab-a-bagel routine here at dental school, I am sneaking bites in between studying PowerPoint slides, writing emails, packing my lunch… I don’t know the last time I sat down and properly ate a non-microwaved breakfast with a fork and a knife. So Penn friends- can we go to McDonalds before class one day?

A sit-down breakfast is a luxury in dental school- such a delicious luxury when we can afford it. I need to look up easy and simple breakfast recipes.

What’s your favorite breakfast food?
Do you skip breakfast?


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