Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The dental student diet

(I’m continuing my unhealthy dental student streak from weeks ago- can I get some nutritional/rational advice on how to stay healthy with a constant time crunch?)

Breakfast- something quickly prepared (toasted bagel, cereal with milk poured in) and eaten while hopping around getting ready for school. Always serve with coffee: hot, warm, microwaved from the day before… anything to get the morning started.


In-class baked goods- So many of our classmates bake when they are stressed. I think I hear the words “Would you like a cookie?” every other day in B13.

Lunch- We usually get an hour off to refuel and relax. Lunch is either free food at our many ASDA Lunch & Learns or something I grabbed from the freezer that morning. Frozen vegetables, canned beans, rice, cheese and starches thrown together into a concoction.

Dinner- Something microwaveable or leftovers from the last restaurant meal. Then continuous snacking until bed.


There is so much free food at Penn! Whenever we have dental school interviews, there’s leftovers pastries and sandwiches. Or if you’re at any campus buildings, the leftover food always makes its way to the info desk. I found a box of P-shaped pretzels last night. Definitely grabbed some (I love pretzels and bagels and all those chewy savory pastries).

Also got 5-hour energy drink samples which I’ve never tried before. Some people take them regularly but I’m a little scared of this intense-sounding drink. 5 hours? That seems like an awfully long time to be uppity-energized and intensely focused.

And if this isn’t enough and you still need a little pick-me-up, find someone to split a sweet crepe with you. A sweet ending to a long day.


What’s your favorite meal of the day?
Have you tried these 5-hour energy drinks?


  1. this is my favorite post so far. All the FOOD. Ps i learned from Janet that the free pretzels are study snacks provided by Penn and every night they have different snacks apparently!

    1. :) Is it too late to head over right now? Penn is the best.

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    1. Are you missing a vowel there somewhere missy?