Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter break to-do

Ohmygoshwinterbreak. After finishing up my last final, I got home and cooked a huge meal with eggplants and onions- SO GOOD. I am done with my first semester of dental school!!!

This winter break I’m looking forward to a little deviation from my typical dental school life, away from Philadelphia and away from dental school: Phoenix.

To do: Have fun. Relax. Enjoy my break with my lovely friends.

I actually stayed with Lo when I interviewed at Midwestern University in Glendale last year. I love her apartment with the sunny bay windows and I love us, driving around singing to Taylor Swift. And two more girlfriends are flying into Phoenix to spend New Year’s together. Some happy memories I’m looking to recreate…

Austin, TX

Commencement with mom-me-Alex227813_10150262755960169_1291157_n

Beer Bike ridiculousness

Denver during the summer44446_470604090168_7539946_n

And the spring break Bahamas cruise.486241_10151298547810660_2017268681_n

Dental school’s on hold for winter break. (Our online class software will be down most of winter break too.) It’s going to be the winter of writing- call it WoW- Laurs for her law review journal. AQ working on her poems, and me on my articles.


  1. I really like your sunglasses in the first picture!

    1. Thanks!!! I haven't worn them in months b/c Philly's been so cloudy!

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