Monday, January 14, 2013

After two months with braces

Tuesday morning I woke up and thought: today is going to be a painful day. I had my orthodontics appointment in the afternoon.

One perk of being in dental school: your classmates will notice your teeth are moving! During morning clinic, a classmate commented on my braces, “Your teeth look like they’re rounding out nicely! Good for you.”

While Mark was visiting, we decided (with my vast orthodontics wisdom) that he probably needs braces too. This means next summer we’re going to walk around Seoul in our matching braces… party on.

I met up with another friend to go to our Rice University alumni party that weekend. My friend hadn’t noticed that I had gotten braces for the longest time. Look at these cool silly bands from the party. They are Rice themed. And the future metalmouth couldn’t stop me:


At my appointment: a quick consult with the faculty advisor- yes to a thicker wire and adding “a step” in my wire. Now there is a square step in the wire between my lateral incisors and canines.

Next appointment I might be getting braces on my bottom teeth. The top teeth needed to move much more than the bottom ones, so these will come off at the same time eventually. I’ve had braces for more than two months now! That’s almost 10% of my treatment completed.

As for becoming matching-braces-siblings, braces (in some other blingier forms) are cool. Just google “Ryan Lochte” and “grills” (grillz?).



  1. How was the alumni thing? Hope you had fun. Can't wait to see your smile when the braces come off!