Thursday, January 31, 2013

Counting months with orthodontics appointments

A year is 525,600 minutes
365 daylights, sunsets, midnights
a shizzimble load of coffee


I’ve been counting my last three months, week by week with my orthodontics appointments. This last month went by really fast. My ortho appointment creeped up on my Google calendar before I realized it had been a month since my last braces check-up.

I got green rubber bands today because I was wearing a teal cardigan. I just finished watching Heathers on Netflix and was thinking match-matchy one color! (Picture)



I had stopped wearing my tongue crib because of a painful spot in my mouth. Before running out to my appointment I took a look in the mirror and saw two raised spots where it was hurting. I immediately thought: erupting tooth!!

After seeing so many dental radiographs (and anomalies) I thought I had one too. A tooth erupting late on the hard palate on the inside of my mouth (like in this case article- don’t click if you’re squirmy). Gulp. I was trying to think how big of a surgery it would be to remove that tooth… and when can I afford to take time off for surgery? And as soon as I sat in the dental chair, I announced to my orthodontist: “I have an extra tooth erupting on my palate. Help?!!!”

Turns out it’s from my tongue crib hitting that spot, causing a lesion that happened to look like a tooth was coming out. #dentalstudentheartattack.

Progress is good! Bottom braces probably at my next appointment. I left with a thicker wire and green rubber bands. And a reminder to pay more attention to my molars when brushing.


  1. You weren't kidding about not clicking if squirmy. I didn't even know they did things like that! Looks so painful.

    1. Yep, at one dental school interview they let us in to look at an extraction procedure. So. Much. Blood. My own mouth was hurting at these pictures.

  2. I had an erupted tooth. Enchanted Dentistry did really well for me, considering the situation, if you're in Florida.

  3. Braces are cool! But I think this is so painful. I had a hard time convincing my kid to visit an orthodontist since he also thinks this thing really hurts.

  4. Hi! I just got braces on 2 days ago and a tongue crib. Braces are ok, but this tongue crib really hurts. I don't know if it isn't placed well but it hits my palate and it really hurts. I'll call tomorrow my orthodontist to tell her, or today if I manage to find her (Sunday !) Maybe I should take it off or replace it, I don't know! But this two days have been really bad...

    1. You should talk to your orthodontist! When mine was hurting (and I had a sore spot on the palate) I put a cotton pad between my palate and the tongue crib. Your orthodontist can make little adjustments to make the tongue crib fit better.