Friday, January 11, 2013

finally snow in Philly.

It finally snowed in Philadelphia! A friend and I were going to run to Chinatown last weekend (destination: Chinese pastries) and saw this instead. Slippery ice danger at every intersection.

2013-01-06 08.00.47

This is nothing like the snowstorm of 2011 but still, this is real cold white snow. We may not be getting the freezing blizzards in Korea but… this is snow enough for me.

2013-01-06 07.32.52

This made my day. First snow of 2013. Then we wondered… has it been snowing every day before, that we just didn’t see because everything melted away by the time we went outside? What else happens while we are sleeping?

Um. So we walked. And running really isn’t going. I need a motivation jump.

Motivation help?


  1. Aaaaaah snow! Will you put some in an envolope and send it to me?

  2. Until this moment I did not even know that it is even possible to have snowy weather in Philadelphia. I am really surprised :) I myself do love snow - the more the better. But not icy roads, of course, this I truly hate with all my heart.

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