Saturday, January 12, 2013

How to be a healthy vegetarian

I just picked up A Vegetarian Sourcebook by Keith Akers and read…

“I have known vegetarians who lived mainly on white bread and jam, washed down with Coca-Cola”

This made me laugh in guilt and shame because while I’m trying to be more consistently vegetarian, I am not necessarily eating healthier. Here I add in this picture because this will also make you laugh in guilt and OMG. This is from the Shaytards Youtube channel my brother was watching.


With my vegetarian diet I’m eating a lot more grains and carbs and sneaking in many sugary/grainy treats. I love bread, even more so now that I have braces. The smushiness feels so good against my cheeks! It doesn’t help that I volunteer at a place with baked treats in the kitchen 24/7.

Helen made these! Lo and I ate them on our drive to Tucson.


A couple of friends and I are doing the Penn shape fitness challenge this semester. We start with a weigh-in and a physical this week and follow-ups at the end of this four-month period. I should eliminate the unhealthy things from my fridge aka stop picking up so many delicious pastries.


  1. I hear you. Meat is expensive here and you have to kill the animal yourself, so I don't eat it at home. It's really hard to get all those essential vitamins and minerals in, especially with the limited shopping opportunities. I don't really have a choice but to eat a lot of carbs and grains. Let me know your vegetarian favorite foods!

  2. That picture is just sad.

  3. I tried being a vegetarian for 6 months and all I ate was cake and gained a gazillion pounds!

    1. Um. I hear you. I looked at my protein intake the other day and because I'm just eating bread and grains all day, was way below. Learning in process!

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