Thursday, January 31, 2013

January thank-you’s: cold and nostalgia

Hope everyone’s staying warm out there! I’ve been wearing coats on top of my jackets. I made lemonade out of this cold and I left my yogurt outside my window before I went to bed. When I woke up, I had some delicious nature-frozen yogurt.

Look at Schuylkill frozen over. We walked to Center City for lunch at Farmer’s Cabinet. This was part of Philadelphia Restaurant Week.

I forgot that I wanted to do these monthly thank you’s! Here’s last one I did was in October. This is when I could finally run a mile after my ankle mess.

2013-01-27 11.31.59

1. First: the cold. I’ve been loving this snow and the cold, and I figured out why. It reminds me of growing up in Korea! I remember one morning I had to walk to school in a foot of snow. We lived along the river and the water was frozen over with snow piled on top. I remember walking really slow so I wouldn’t slip.

2. Care packages. Umma sent me another care package. Among all the wonderful things she put in this box, I love the front page of this Korean newspaper the day after our presidential election. I am getting more and more excited about my summer break from dental school.

2013-01-27 15.24.23

3. Being bold paying off. Getting out of my comfort zone takes a lot of courage (rejection sucks) but I am always glad when I do. Our common resolution this year was to be bold and so far, it’s been good. I’ve had some good conversations with people… the kind you jot down notes afterwards.

4. Netflix I just watched The Whistleblower multi-tasking while studying for dental school (this video of Warblers doing Whistle just makes me LOL). There’s a ton of movies I’ve been meaning to watch on Netflix… ohheywait I hear February is like dental school death.

What should I watch next on Netflix?!
What are you thankful for this first month of 2013?


  1. what were you bold about?

    1. Winter break in AZ for one... but also reaching out to mentor-figures. Asking people for help! From little tasks to life decisions. :)

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