Sunday, January 6, 2013

Les Miserables: brown teeth everywhere.

Did anyone else notice how awful everyone’s teeth were in Les Miserables? The main actors (of course) had great straight teeth that were only stained to look 19th century French. But many of the minor characters had crooked teeth that were all over the place.

Here’s Fantine played by Anne Hathaway. She sells her teeth (you can kind of see in the picture). Her teeth are also heavily stained brown.


In the last scene when Jean Valjean played by Hugh Jackman dies, when Fantine comes to take him away (presumably to God) she suddenly has perfect teeth, whitened and all. It was ridiculous!! I almost laughed in a theatre where everyone else was crying their eyes out.

And in real life, all the actors of course have perfect pearly white teeth.


I did not enjoy Les Miserables as much because 1) I was obviously paying more attention to actors’ teeth and 2) the singing didn’t blow me away!!! Even with all the other factors present, in its essence, a good musical has strong singers. In this case, I didn’t think this ensemble quite made the cut.

What did you think of Les Miserables?
Have you read the book or are you planning to?


  1. May I say that your noticing the bad teeth, AND writing about it, is far too amusing to me--it's only right that you would. Haha.

    This movie did not pass the Yesle Review, noted.

    1. It was just too funny. Because I KNOW these actors had perfect teeth. The movie is enjoyable and the cinematography was marvelous. I just wish they had chosen stronger singers!

  2. 티나, 이제 서서히 직업병이 생기는 초기증세같아, ㅎㅎ 축하해주어야 할 것 같은데.

  3. Incredible movie!!!

    1. I know! Hugh Jackman = unbelievable.

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    Wow! What a great blog you have published. I adore it and will share to my friends.Thanks!