Tuesday, January 29, 2013

my dental loupes are here!

I’m excited to announce a new partnership between D is for Dentist and Designs for Vision. (I wrote about ordering my Designs for Vision loupes just last week.) My dental loupes arrived earlier than expected. I got the package slip in my mailbox and ran to the mailroom for pickup.

2013-01-25 16.32.37

I’m giddy and playing around with the box and the packaging and the loupes and LED lights. My very own dental loupes! It’s so light and sleek. I love them already. I’ll write more about them soon, after my radiological anatomy exam is over.


  1. Congrats!!!
    also thank you for everythingmy Yeppy
    When I emt your dad, I was 20years old...
    Your dad sent only 20 candles instead of my age^^*

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  3. So what exactly are they? I'll have to ask my dentist in Surrey next time I go in for a visit.

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