Thursday, January 17, 2013

my upcoming staycation

The first week I got back was the busiest I’d been in a while. With dental school, we hit the ground running. We had one week off (which was just enough for me to get back into the dental school groove) before our first exam of the new year.

I know everyone likes to say they’re busy but was dental school this busy last semester? I don’t know… And with this guy visiting on his way back from Tampa, my first two weeks flew on by.

Find the two “people” in this photo:markmeow

Instead of trying to plan MLK weekend, I’m taking a Philadelphia staycation. Sometimes planning a vacation can be pretty stressful!  I’ll be tackling the mini-mountain in my inbox and walking around Philadelphia. I am also excited about reading over good coffee. Everything non-dental school related please.

imageHave you ever taken a staycation?
How are you spending/would you spend your Monday off?