Tuesday, January 22, 2013

pop culture dentist: Noah from Suburgatory

I wrote about a few of the dentists in our contemporary pop culture last year. I love watching ABC’s Suburgatory (when I’m not studying for dental school, of course) and one of the dentists I mentioned, Dr. Noah Werner, steals the show with his suave mannerisms and beach-ready tan.

Here’s a very relevant scene. To get his toddler tutored to get into an elite kindergarten, the Werners talk to Mr. Wolfe who specializes in this kinda thing. While they are talking, Baby Werner spells out “DDS” with wooden blocks.


Noah thinks his kid spelling out “DDS” as in Doctor of Dental Surgery. He says, “A lot of people make the mistake of thinking I have a DMD, but I have a DDS! And my kid knows that!”- or something like that. I LOL’ed.


Also from Dr. Noah Werner’s bio:

”After all his hard work putting himself through dental school, he decided he’d earned the right to let loose.”

Oh man. Too funny. Thank you, writers for understanding how tough dental school is. ;)


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