Saturday, January 26, 2013

real winter philadelphia (timing)

You know it’s winter in Philadelphia when…

you hop into a grocery store just to warm up.
(and this grocery store is a block away from home)

your snow pictures look just as legitimate as Ithaca’s.


your hand cream supply is rapidly depleted.
(and your skin is a palest shade of pale)

2013-01-26 10.01.10

I’m loving this 18-degree weather. It’s about time! And speaking of time I want to tell you about a funny(?) or interesting discussion I had with my dad. Talking about a unique opportunity, I quoted John H. Shedd:


… to which my dad replied “but the ship has to go out when it’s ready.” Because remember Les Miserables? (picture)


This ship was definitely not ready to go out into the waters.

Have you played in the snow yet?
How does a ship know when it’s ready to sail out from its safe harbor?