Thursday, January 3, 2013

Squeeze in morning runs (with pastry party at the end)

Instead of following a strict training plan, I’m spending my first month of marathon training adding in regular runs. With our December dental school schedule (and just feeling tired overall), I didn’t want to stress over a strict training plan.

To be honest I have no idea what I’m doing… or how to train for a marathon. The thought of running for two three hours is a little scary. Someone who’s run a half tell me 13.1 miles doesn’t really feel that long?

2012-12-18 07.57.15
To make my run a little sweeter, I picked a delicious destination. Philadelphia’s very own Chinatown. Last time I went here KC’s Pastries had run out. So one Tuesday morning I set out for KC’s Pastries on 10th and Arch, to arrive just in time for when the bakery opens at 7:30.

2012-12-18 08.51.58
Three miles later, I was one happy (sweaty) goober. I literally ran into the store and started pointing at pastries. The breads were ridiculously cheap and I spent all my money except for the $2 I needed for the subway ride back. Reminded me of the La Guadalupana bakery back home.

So I ran, I splurged, I ate back all the calories. Morning runs are the best because the weather’s perfect and the day begins on the right step. And “every day’s a good day when you run.”

Do you exercise to eat? Or eat to exercise?
I need a shift in eating/running balance if I’m going to be a marathon runner.


  1. Yesle hahahah Love this :) I am fond of red bean buns :D

    1. Chinatown bakeries make my world a little sweeter.

  2. This recipe really looks healthy for breakfast or dinner. while sitting with your family on dinning table and enjoying it. I think its good for those even who are n dieting.