Thursday, January 24, 2013

summer plans and self-reflection

My summer plans are shaping up. After having this on my constant to-do list, I finalized my dates to go to Korea and bought my airplane tickets. I’ll be splitting my time between Philadelphia and Seoul. Hopefully lots of traveling and writing. (And maybe more of this giving dogs baths-thing.)

It was a huge relief to cross this off my to-do list. Two months off from dental school sounds wonderful.


Dental school is tougher than ever. I’ve been really discouraged by the last few exams. In case you think I’m crying about a 88 I’ll tell you I was four points away from failing.

Sometimes I think I can get by with doing “just enough”… but I have goals and dreams that require hard work. I don’t expect things to fall into my lap. Here’s a good read from the New York Times on the importance of self-reflection using “double-loop learning”.

In interviews we did with high achievers for a book, we expected to hear that talent, persistence, dedication and luck played crucial roles in their success. Surprisingly, however, self-awareness played an equally strong role.

The successful people we spoke with… subjected themselves to fairly merciless self-examination that prompted reinvention of their goals and the methods by which they endeavored to achieve them.

dreamsvia tumblr

Over lunch I had an interesting conversation with two of my friends on how we want to live our lives. And I figured out two things: 1) People have wildly different world views! Even my brother and I- who grew up in the same family and backgrounds- see things very differently. 2) My world views are still shifting/ changing/ forming… I am not set in my beliefs and I doubt they’ll stay the same. (Kind of a similar point I made earlier.)

Every day you wake up and make the decisions- and changes- that shape who you are. You talk to people and meet friends who’ll change you and (hopefully) grow with you. And I think that’s a wonderful thing: that you can work to make these changes happen.


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