Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Walking around Philly Chinatown

Last week we had a day without morning classes. Although we had a quiz that afternoon, I took the morning off, giving myself a little break from dental school. This is the coolest thing about being a student: your schedule is way more flexible without somewhere to report to 9-5. After last year’s job, I’ve learned to appreciate this freedom a lot more.

I headed out to Chinatown with the rush hour crowd.


I finally got a haircut, peeked in grocery stores and got some shopping errands done. I stopped to grab some caffeine (I was yawning getting my haircut…) and got some Vietnamese coffee. Did you know you can make hot Vietnamese coffee? I couldn’t bear to walk around with an iced coffee in 40 degrees weather and changed my mind when the barista said, “We can make it hot.”

Walking around Philadelphia Chinatown with my coffee just made me so happy. Seeing familiar Korean foods in Chinese grocery stores- especially the persimmons- made me smile.

On my way back I walked past Rittenhouse Square and passed by a dozen Philadelphia landmarks. I kept thinking, “Oh, this is where this historic place/restaurant/theatre is!” It’s crazy how everything is within walking distance here in Philadelphia. Stores and restaurants don’t take up a giant block with their parking lots. Places are clustered together and the stores are often much longer than they are wide.

Meanwhile, in the place I miss so much:

2013-01-17 10.34.55

My mom sent me this picture. Yep, that’s three feet of snow. I don’t even know how this is real life. Korea’s hitting a record low in winter temperature this year.

What’s your favorite winter drink?
What are some other perks to being a student?