Sunday, February 3, 2013

Change it up February: starting lab

Happy Groundhog Day weekend everyone! It’s a brand new month.

Starting this month, we’re transitioning into more of a clinical/practical schedule. We are starting General Restorative Dentistry which is a huge course that will take us to the end of D1. We’re finally moving into lab to do hands-on stuff like waxing teeth, doing cavity preps, and wearing loupes.

While this (hopefully) means less time studying in libraries and coffee shops, I’ll be spending a lot more time physically at the dental school. I’ll be sitting down and hunched over for most of these hours.


I went to a Q+A with personal trainers this week and came back with this thought: exercise to survive, not just to look good. Being fit doesn’t just equal looking good; it also means being strong and healthy.

The dentist I shadowed told me that he lifts weights for an hour every day. He said, “Because I like my job and I don’t want to retire for another decade.” Back pain is a common problem among dentists.

With this hectic schedule coming up, I want to make sure to keep eating healthy & running regularly.

I loved Mabel’s recipe for make-ahead frittatas so I looked for other make-ahead breakfast recipes. I made this sweet potato oatmeal muffin recipe from Sprint 2 the table this weekend. I didn’t add any of the spices but it was still delicious. Winter = sweet potatoes= love.


I’m still in pain from the new wire at my last orthodontics appointment so the mushy texture was perfect.

February is a month to wrap up my lecture classes and be healthy in spite of our hectic dental school schedule. And at the end of February is this little thing called SPRING BREAK where people sit out on beaches and stuff.

What are you looking forward for spring break?
What are your favorite winter foods?