Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ginnifer Goodwin & the Listerine challenge

I have a major celebrity crush on Ginnifer Goodwin! If you watch Once Upon A Time, you probably have an obsession with her skin. Actually, everyone on that show has the best skin! Something about playing fairytale characters I guess? I saw some rare smiling photos of her at an event and noticed the background…


If the wallpaper didn’t tip you off, she’s at an oral health event promoting Listerine’s 21 Day Challenge.

Here’s the deal: Listerine is donating up to $85,000 to Oral Health America for every person who signs up for the 21 Day Challenge. Since it takes three weeks to make a habit, the challenge is for you to start using a mouthwash twice a day for a healthier smile.

Read more about it on Listerine’s facebook page then sign up for the challenge here! They even have a coupon for Listerine. Making healthy habits and helping Oral Health America raise money? Sounds as good as a chocolate covered Peep (marshmallow plus chocolate goodness!- Valentine’s day is coming up and all the stores are tempting me with cavity-inducing sweets).